Diyala – Gedup

Diyala – Gedup

Gedup video theme focuses on Diyala who uses magic to lift up this lill girl captivated in another dimension Scenes of a bat,snake and owl are also pushed forward taken in this modified neo-futuristic ambient ,video shot in a authentic castle build in 1786..the Hellenbach Castle

Diyala:“It’s indescribable the way we work,collaborate together and share similar views..Director Filip Filkovic is amazing

One of the many reasons I wanted us tocontinue our collaboration is beacuse of his major support and understanding for my work,my art”

Filip Filkovic: “This song got layering witch is also needed to be shown visually. Narration of this video is much stronger then used in last two videos I shoot. They’re the embodiment of direct emotions & link to abstract”


April 14th, 2015

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